Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine

In search of something hearty and filling, but not devoiding of my wallet, I ventured towards the juicy, meaty smell (mmmm…can just smell it now) coming from Viet Sub and the joints around it.

For $4.50, you get a pretty massively sized BBQ Pork sandwich. The bread was very toasty and crunchy (sign of fresh bread, off to a good start!). I loved the pickled daikon and onion in this, they were just super flavourful and really added a kick to every bite. The BBQ Pork was very juicy and flavourful on its own but they added some sort of sauce to it (Sorry I really have no idea what it was, but it made it super savoury with a hint of sweetness). The combination of the pungent pickled daikon with the savoury meat just made this thing SOOO SOOO GOOD!


-Great service

-Food came like literally 2 minutes after ordering

-Awesome, filling subs



-Place is a hole in the wall, nowhere to sit

-I guess not much place to park either

Closing Comments: If you’re at the library and you get a case of the study munchies, hit this place up!

Overall Rating: 4.1 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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