Congee Noodle King, a Mouthful of Nothingness

Apparently a fav for locals, it’s the place to get “Chinese comfort food” in the ‘hood! That’s quite apparent as when lunch time rolls around, the line literally goes out the door and parking becomes a premium. Anyways…onto the goods.


First off, we got some Chinese donuts (it’s basically just super greasy, deep fried dough, for those unfamiliar with it). It tasted like it had been sitting for too long or fried using the same oil, as although it was kind of sweet, it was very mushy and too chewy.


Next came the wonton soup (dumplings with shrimp and mushrooms). They were kind of tasty due to being simmered in soup, but man the MSG was pretty strong…Plus, they cost a LOT for the amount you get in the bowl.


Since congee is in their name, I was hoping it’d fair better but to no avail. I found this one, the seafood congee, to, although having some tastiness, being very VERY MSG laden (your mouth feels very dry after)


I liked the consistency of the chicken congee as it was very creamy and thick (har har yes, that’s what she said), though, again, SUPER loaded in MSG


The fried noodles with chicken and vegetables dish was alright. The sauce was fairly meaty and tasty, though it may have been used excessively with the dish(the noodles were absolutely soaked in the stuff).


The Singapore Vermicelli had a mild kick to it (spiciness), though was a little on the bland side. Like, the BBQ pork was sweet and tasty, the rest seemed just like a mouthful of nothing.


I’ll be frank, there are certain dishes out there that I absolutely abhor, and will try to avoid at all costs, chicken chow mein with bean sprouts is one of them. I don’t know, it’s just a personal preference, but I hate the flavours in this dish.


The beef fried rice was my favourite dish out of the entire meal. Although it was a tad on the oily side, the beef was very flavourful and well seasoned. It had the strongest character out of everything ordered.


This is exactly what it looks like: rice with vegetables and 3 kinds of meat (Chicken, BBQ pork, and roast pork). The rice was tasty due to the juices of the meat sinking into it, and the meats themselves were lean (roast pork was nicely crispy!)


The rice noodles with 3 kinds of meat was pretty bland , just like the other dishes. I think the only flavourful that really stood out was the sweetness of the BBQ pork (the rest was just sort of…a mystery).


-Roast pork and BBQ pork were really good

-Fried rice was alright

-Despite being loaded in MSG, wontons were alright


-WAY overpriced


-Seriously, nowhere to park

-Many dishes are either a miss or have WAY too much MSG

-Service REALLY sucks

-Bathrooms are kinda messy

Closing Comments: I don’t understand why there’s a constant line-up out the door lool.

Overall Rating: 2.65 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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