Aladdins Shawerma Cafe

After having noticed a ton of people coming out with their food at lunch time, I decided to give this hole in a wall a shot! It was a rather hard decision to choose this place over all others, as, around the library, there’s also Viet subs, Japadog, Ebi Ten, and Falaffel King…grr so many choices!

Shown above is the Chicken Shawerma Wrap (6.85). It’s got lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken shawerma and, of course, pita to wrap it all up. The veggies were a little sad, in that they didn’t taste all that fresh. The chicken was super dry (SOMEHOW), and the pita..well anytime you just pull it out of the bag…it’s very disappointing.

Thinking the Chicken Shawerma Platter (9.99) would be better, I ordered it. The salad consisted of the same sad lettuce, tomatoes, and cukes from the wrap (very old tasting). The rice underneath was flavourful though (i think it was the only thing that did have taste…). The potato was alright, it was soft though a little bland. The chicken suffered from the same dryness as the one in the wrap. I really don’t understand why the pita comes from a bag, lol. Like at almost all of the other places, they make it fresh in house, not from a bag..oh well whatever. For the price, it was very expensive compared to the quality and the amount of food you got (skimpy)


-The rice? I really don’t know…


-Veggies are old

-Shawerma was very dry 

-Bagged pita (sad face)

Closing Comments: Not coming back here.

Overall Rating: 2.8 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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