Hidden Gem: Seiffert Market (Vancouver Community College)

If you’ve spent a lot of time downtown, you’re probably well aware of the delectable, cheap, goodies being offered at Seiffert Market in VCC. Offering an assortment of goodies, from brownies, breads, and even whole meals, it’s a great joint to hit up for cheap but super yummy treats!

The subject of today is their Rum Balls. The coconut sprinkles were almost like an enticement for the goodies within. Underneath, lay a solid layering of chocolate, almost like if you had a dipped cone, though less brittle. To be frank, I really like rum flavoured things, whether it be rum balls or rum raisin gelato, which is the main reason I bought these (and it was $1.75). Although very consistent all the way through, the rum flavouring was a tad on the weaker side, which was a bit disappointing for me, though it was still a very satisfying treat.



-You seriously won’t find this kind of stuff at this price elsewhere…

-I think it’s made by the culinary students (don’t quote me on that though)

-Good quality stuff


-EVERYONE downtown goes there, and since they don’t restock it after the students make it (I think), once it’s gone, it’s gone

-SUPER busy at lunch time

Closing Comments: If you’re willing to get some fresh made goodies, go there EARLY, as in maybe even an hour to get the real surpremo stuff.

Overall Rating: 3.7 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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