T&T Supermarket (International Village)

Sometimes, I don’t mind picking up food that’s quick and cheap. In contrast to what many may think, McDonald’s is NOT either of the above (everything tops at least 7-8 bucks…), so I opted for the next best thing in the area, T&T (yay…)

For $3.49, you get a vietnamese sub. It’s got all your fixings (some baloney, carrots, pickled daikon, etc.). Overall, the meat was alright, nothing spectacular, the daikon was nice (very pickled), though the bread really sucked. I know it’s not authentic, but come on…



-Kinda healthier than McDonald’s or something equivalent 

-Alright for what you pay for


-Bread sucks, REALLY badly..

Closing Comments: Always have to remember, it’s a pre-made sandwich that’s sitting in a refrigerator. 

Overall Rating: 2.8 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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