Kintaro Ramen

To be frank, I’ve never really had what one might term “Authentic Ramen”, so since it was a nice day, I decided to head down to Robson and hit up one of the more popular joints, Kintaro Ramen.

Today, we ordered the Shio Ramen (8.45), which consists of bean rpouts, bamboo shoots, green onion, boiled egg and BBQ pork, and the Miso Ramen (8.95), which consists of bean sprout, onion, bamboo shoot, green onion, corn, and BBQ pork.

First off, we have the Miso Ramen. I thought by ordering Medium broth, it wouldn’t be so rich, but oh boy was I in for a surprise. It was salty, though miso soup usually is, though it was super rich and creamy tasting (I liked it!). Just make sure you don’t drink too much of it though, or you’ll be really thirsty afterwards. The bean sprouts and the bamboo shoots provided for a very nice textual contrast to the noodles. The pork was SUPER tender and flavourful; never want to eat Chinese Style BBQ Pork again, haha. They sure do know how to make noodles, as they weren’t soggy but weren’t like overly firm either (Seal of approval!)

Secondly, we have the Shio Ramen. The main difference between the two was that this one has an egg and no corn. The broth was very smooth and creamy as well and very meaty. One plus side about it was that it didn’t taste greasy at all, nor have an MSG aftertaste like in some other noodle places. Only downside, though, was that the egg was a tad overcooked, other than that, it was pretty darn good!



-Not TOO pricey

-Awesome ramen


-Tiny place (not much seating)

-Can get really busy

-WAY the heck down Robson, so if you’re going to transit, might take a long time

Closing Comments: For my first authentic ramen experience, I really enjoyed it!

Overall Rating: 3.85 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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