Mezbaan Fine Indian Fusion

Always in search of some yummy eats, we heard about Mezbaan, by word of mouth, and decided to check it out. Although it looks kind of divey from the outside, it’s pretty sleek, modern, and clean on the inside! Like most places of this caliber, they were offering a $9.99 buffet; who could resist!

At 9 O’Clock, we have lamb samosas; they were very light and crispy on the outside while being very tender (the lamb) on the inside. It was a little gamy, but that’s to be expected of lamb.

At 11 O’Clock, we have Tandori chicken; it had a hint of spiciness and was well marinated as you could taste the flavour all the way through, with every bite.

At 12 O’Clock, we have a modest portion of Butter Chicken; the meat was very tender and just melted in your mouth with each bite (yum…).

At 12:30/1 O’Clock, we have the beef curry; it was UBER meaty and rich, you wouldn’t believe it.

At 3 O’Clock, we have some chick peas masala; like always, the chick peas were super spicy but they were still nice and firm (some places have mushy chick peas and that’s just nasty…)

At 4 O’Clock, we have vegetable curry; it wasn’t super flavourful, though it did have a hint of sweetness to it for some reason.

At 6 O’Clock, there’s a good helping of Veggie Pakoras. I liked these as although they often had chunks of cauliflower or broccoli, I guess the best way I can describe them is deep fried crispy goodness.

Although it’s hard to see, there is also biryani rice, lemon butter rice, and papadi on this place; they’re just smothered by all the other good stuff lol; The biryani was nicely cooked, not mushy either, the lemon butter rice ¬†tasted quite rich and had a hint of spice to it (might have been the other curries mixing in) and the papdi were nice and crispy (they’re pretty much like eating deep fried dough).

Can’t go to an Indian restaurant without having some Naan Bread! Although some were nice and crispy, the majority of the basket had ones that could’ve been baked a little longer.

Aside from some of the other sweets that the other buffets I’ve been to have, Kheer has to be one of my favourites (it’s basically sweet rice pudding). It’s very light (despite it’s creamy appearance) and has a subtle sweetness to it. It’s very refreshing and a great dessert piece!

Initially unaware of this, they have free Chai tea! I liked their batch as it was very fragrant and flowery, and when you add the sugar it just goes down uber smooth. Unlike some places that mix too much water with it, it felt very…cohesive.


-Their chicken dishes were really flavourful!

-Great Chai

-Kheer’s the boss¬†

-First buffet I’ve come across that has had samosas (and lamb ones too!) as well as Tandori Chicken

-Good service



-Small place, could get busy really fast

-Washroom looked really dingy and kind of gross

-Hard to find parking, taking the bus is a necessity

Closing Comments: Good food for a good price with good service, it’s awesome!

Overall Rating: 4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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