Twofer (sorta): Opa! and Timmy’s

Since both of these don’t really need separate reviews, I’m going to just roll them into one.

Anyways, first off we started with Opa! at Pacific Centre’s food court. Back in the day (way WAY back, like 2 years ago, lol), Opa used to be rather reasonably priced with everything usually around 7-8 bucks. I don’t know what’s the deal now, as there’s a huge disparity, with some hovering around 7 still while others, like the PC one, topping 10 bucks for most of the combos. But, when you’re at PC’s food court and you want Greek, but don’t want to look far for it, you’re stuck with what you can find.

I ordered the “#5 with chicken”, or a chicken pita wrap, which comes with your choice of vegetables (I choose lettuce, tomatoes, and onions), and Opa! Fries, or fries with olive oil and a good dose of whatever their “special seasoning” is. I liked the chicken as it was nice and juicy, and not tasting overly cooked. The veggies tasted kind of old though, like they were sitting too long. Something’s lost on the fries here. While you’d get nice, thick and plump (yes yes har har that’s what she said) ones elsewhere, these were small, not very crispy, or possessing much taste. Had to really drench them in the tzatziki to get any enjoyment out of them.


-They have relatively healthy options (though what I got is far from that lol)

-Meats done well


-Veggies were kind of old

-Fries were not so good

Closing Comments: I miss Sears, nowhere else in PC could you have gotten a better value for 10 bucks. On a side note, the Thai place there serves up some consistently good food though.

Overall Rating: 3 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

Opa! Souvlaki on Urbanspoon


It’s hard to go anywhere in B.C. (or Vancouver for that matter) without passing a Timmy’s (Tim Hortons). On this occasion, after a long day’s shopping, we decided to have a coffee break and a snack to eat. I try to avoid their doughnuts now though as after finding out they’re just frozen after being factory made, and having tasted some awesome doughnuts at Lee’s (Granville Island), the experience just isn’t the same. I opted for a Sundried Tomato Asiago Parmesean Bagel (what a mouthful!) today.

I thoroughly enjoyed it as you could really taste the tomato in it (it was fairly visibly baked throughout the bagel!). They added some butter and warmed it before serving so it was so yummy! On a cool blustery day, it just warms you and fills you up! Ironically, I got an Iced Cappuccino as well. Honestly, sometimes the best times for a slurpee or an iced cap, etc is during the cold winter months (keeps you awake when everywhere else is so warm!)


-Cheap Bagel

-Tasty, very savoury

-Coffee’s always a win


-Doughnuts are alright, despite being frozen, though they’re just average

-Timmy’s can get really busy

Closing Comments: I always find myself going back here, whether it be for the ice caps, doughnuts (yes, I know what I just said above), bagels, lunch, etc. It’s quick and dirty, so if you want a snack, why not?

Overall Rating: 3.4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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