Pinpin: Chinese and Filipino Cuisine

Hearing nothing but good things about this joint, we headed over to Fraser Street to indulge ourselves in some Filipino-Chinese cuisine. Fraser does seem to have a pretty diverse selection of dives and joints, doesn’t it?


Off this portion of the menu, we ordered Sisig (11.50).


Pusiat ala Pobre and the Sizzling Delight for this portion!


The first thing that came was this macaroni soup (part of the order for the Lemon Chicken and Java Rice [$8.95]). It was pretty much like drinking chicken stock which had dairy added to it. Wasn’t bad, though not special either.

imageHere we have the Pusit Ala Pobre (squid with a WHOLE lot of garlic!). The squid had a very nice texture, in that it wasn’t overly chewy, nor was it total mush either. The sauce was SOO garlicky, it’d make a vampire squeal. Overall, it was a very tasty dish though! The colder it got, the more tastier it became, oddly enough.

imageThe Sizzling Delight was a steaming platter of assorted goodies. The sauce reminded me of the sauce used in clay hotpots in typical Chinese dishes (just to be clear, I’m not talking about the hot pots where you cook raw meats and veggies in soup). The ham was by far the most flavourful component of this, as it totally absorbed all of the juices. The chicken, I found, was a little bland though, but it might have been because I should’ve let it sit longer and mingle with the other foods on the skillet. The veggies were very fresh and crunchy, and the quail egg was pretty much your typical hard boiled egg.

imageOh my goodness, oh my goodness, the Sisig has to be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten. At first, it looks like it’ll taste something similar to sauteed ground beef, but it was very crunchy! If I had to compare it to something else, it’d be like eating roast pork skin or bacon bits. With a pinch of salt, it was one of the most guiltiest pleasures I’ve ever had! If you order this though, make sure you get some rice, and you have at least 3 others with you, as it’s uber heavy.


Lastly, we have the Lemon Chicken with Java Rice. The rice was of the short grained variety and had a very flowery/herbal taste to it, almost like basmati rice. The Chicken tasted like it was chargrilled, though if you let it sit in your mouth long enough, you’ll find it’s got a very deep fried taste to it.


-Sisig (Yum…makes my mouth water just thinking about it)

-Squid and Sizzling Delight were good!


-Got pretty busy pretty fast (might have to wait if you come during prime time dinner hour)

-Kind of pricey-ish depending on what you order

-Service was a little unattentive

Closing Comments: Apparently it’s one of the more authentic, homemade style Filipino joints around. Judging by my experience, I can see why, it was pretty damn good!

Overall Rating: 4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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