Hidden Gem: Zac.Zac Japanese Curry House

Tucked away on the second floor of the H-Mart on Robson Street is Zac Zac. If you didn’t know about it beforehand, or the other places there, you might assume that the whole second floor is just more of the store. To my surprise though, there was a mini food court! With a selection of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese places to choose from, you’ll be bound to pick from one of them. On this occasion, I went for Zac.Zac (yes, I know, odd name)

For $8.48, I got the Chicken Katsu bento. It comes with a massive scooping of rice, Potato Salad, edamame beans, chicken katsu, and salad (chopped iceberg lettuce with sesame miso ginger paste for dressing). The rice wasn’t over-cooked, and had a nice firmness about it. The potato salad was very light, yet still quite eggy tasting; I very much enjoyed it! The beans were…well they’re edamame beans, what do you want me to say, haha. The Salad was nice and crunchy, as it was pretty fresh! The katsu was nice and crispy on the outside with just the right amount of katsu sauce to add a slight tangyness, and very juicy on the inside. 


-Not too pricey

-Pretty solid eats

-Made in house


-Not many seats in the food court

-Takes awhile to make the food (though I guess that’s a good thing)

Closing Comments: This dish actually reminds me a lot of what you can order, almost anywhere, in Maui.

Overall Rating: 3.6 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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