Rockin’ it with Zeeg: Angel Cake Cafe & Starbucks (Killarney Market)

After not having seen each other for quite some time, Zeeg and I decided to meet up for breakfast/brunch to kickstart the busy day planned ahead of us, so we headed for Angel Cake Cafe. 

Chinese breakfast portion of the menu.

"Western" breakfast part of the menu, as shown at the top.

Some of the other breakfast selections available.

Zeeg ordered the $6.25 combo where you could choose from one item under list A and one from list B. Under list B, she got the shredded pork and preserved vegetable vermicelli. It’s pretty much what you’d expect if your family made it at home, so it was alright.

The other portion of Zeeg’s order, under list A, came with sausage, thick cut french toast, and 2 eggs. Not much to say, I mean it\s literally what you expect when you get something like this. On a separate occasion, where I tried the Boss Restaurant, at Metrotown, for breakfast, they completely bombed their attempt; it was a TINY portion, expensive, and tasted really old and nasty. So, for the price you pay for this, with the two menu selections, it’s a pretty good sized portion and a solid eat! Only complaint was that for some reason, the eggs were a little on the cold side, though that might be because Zeeg eats so slow (don’t kill me Zeeg!)

I ordered a $6.25, two item combo with preserved egg and pork congee and soya sauce chow mein. I really liked the congee as it was very thick and meaty (that’s what she said, haha). Jokes aside, it was a very solid, well made congee! The chow mein was a little cold though, maybe I was taking too long to drink the congee first, though it was still tasty (not overly sauced up either!)


-Good sized portions for what you pay

-Pretty solid eats

-Service was alright


-Somehow was packed at 9:30 AM (let’s see Denny’s draw that kind of crowd)

-Eggs and chow mein were kind of cold

Closing Comments: For a place that isn’t western, they do an alright western breakfast!

Overall Rating: 3.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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After a long day of research, we decided to grab a drink to treat ourselves, so we headed for the Starbucks at Killarney Market. They’ve pretty good service there, as the cashier was SUPER friendly, as was the baristas. Being a Starbucks, I’m not really going to divulge farther than that, lol.

I ordered a tall caramel apple spice (2.95). It’s pretty much like drinking a holiday apply pie, yum!

Zeeg had a birthday reward or something from buying a Starbucks card and redeeming it online, so she ordered the Java Chip Frappucino. If you buy one of their cards before March 14th, for 5 bucks, apparently they give you 5 extra dollars on that card, so you get 10 bucks to spend. Not worth it for me, as I barely go once a year, but maybe this’ll be useful for you!

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