Sawasdee Thai

Originally, we had our eyes set on somewhere else on Main, but it was packed, so we decided to try Sawasdee Thai. When we got there, we were notified a large group would be arriving not too long after, and that we needed to eat fast. With no complaints from us, we were seated promptly and served VERY soon after ordering (like LIGHTNING fast). 


We ordered the Sawasadee Fried Rice (10.50) from this portion of the menu.


Aww yea, Garlic Pork!  (11.50)


Can’t go to a Thai place without trying Pad Thai (with Tamarind)  (10.50)


The Pad Thai with Tamarind was pretty tasty! It starts off tangy and goes down savoury. The bean sprouts added a very nice texture to it.


My favourite dish has to have been the Sawasadee Fried Rice. It’s very milky tasting, which I loved, yet having a kick from all the chives they laced it with. Seriously, you have to try this if you ever come here!


The chicken with cashew nuts was kind of bland though. It had a slightly salty sauce on it, though that was about it. There really wasn’t much that stood out.


This dish is called “Gai Pad Pineapple” It’s basically deep fried chicken with a sweet sauce, mixed with pineapple chunks, carrots, and peppers. I really liked the consistency of the chicken, as the exterior had a very definitive fried texture, while the inside was very moist and juicy. How the sauce permeated the flesh made every bite sweet, but not to the point where it overwhelmed the meatiness.


The garlic pork was one of the most flavourful things we ordered. It was a little overly cooked, in my opinion, though it tasted amazing! It was so garlicky, a vampire would shun at the smell of it, though boy…was it satisfying!


-Friendly and attentive service

-Order comes quickly

-REALLY liked the sawasadee rice


-Chicken with cashew nuts was kind of bland

-Kind of pricey

-Not much parking in the area

Closing Comments: Didn’t even know about this place until we tried it, and it proved to be very satisfying. Seems pretty authentic for Thai cuisine, and it’s located right on the strip, among the many other independent eateries around. Give it a shot!

Overall Rating: 3.9 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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