Sticky, Slippery Situations: Top Island Chinese Restaurant

Slippin’ slidin’ water For whatever reason, the floor of the place was as slippery as ice, despite looking bone dry. When this joint was Sun Ying, was pretty disappointed, so honestly, didn’t hold high hopes for it’s successor. Aside from the oddly slippery floor, the table was pretty gross…there was a lot of caked on, sticky patches all over the place…but anyways, onto the food.

The curry chicken with rice, shown above had a couple of issues that require addressing. First off, honestly, they give you a lot of rice, but not enough sauce/toppings; means you’ll be stuck with just plain rice for a good chunk of your meal. Secondly, the toppings and sauce were REALLY bland. Compared to Pearl on Victoria, which is located down the street, this one was like eating plastic.

Shown above is the Beef Fried Rice. Better renditions of this have been found at other places, such as at Sun Yee directly across the street. Some places can do it really well, with it being very tasty and not too greasy but this one could do neither; The most distinguishing characteristic it had was the acne-inducing greasiness! 

Quoting the menu, this is the “Thai Tom Yum Gong Prawn Soup”. The broth was pretty tasty, though oddly, once you get to the bottom, it’s very granular (uh oh…it’s instant powder). With regards to the noodles, there was actually a pretty decent amount, and it was cooked pretty well too! However, the prawns were a bit of a letdown as they weren’t very tasty at all, and have you ever tried to de-shell one? It’s a total pain in the keester!

The first of the mix and match combos consists of Jumbo sausages and beef short rib, which came with broccoli and carrots and a scoop of rice. No idea what’s up with the sausages, as they looked incredibly wrinkled (probably cooked WAY too long). The short ribs were alright though…pretty hard to go wrong there (though I guess the same can be said about some of the other things they served…)

The other variation of the mix and match combos included a grilled chicken fillet, cutlet pork chop, spaghetti and the same aforementioned veggies. For  both the pork chop and the chicken, there was a bone in it, which isn’t a big deal to me, but generally these are supposed to be de-boned already. The chicken was uber greasy too, just like the fried rice, and the pork chop was cooked way too long, so it was borderline tough (didn’t help that the knives were dull).


-Noodles were plentiful and done right



-Floor is a serious hazard

-Inattentive service

-They can’t do meats at all

-Don’t get me started with the drinks

-Pricey compared to other places around, for what you get

Closing Comments: I really did not enjoy my trip here. The same problems that plagued the last place seem to have re-emerged and become worse.

Overall Rating: 1.4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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