White Spot (SW Marine Drive)

Although located fairly close to the airport, you would probably pass this White Spot without realizing it due to it being somewhat hidden; you’re more likely to head to the White Spot on SE Marine Drive which is a lot more visible and accessible.However, I digress, onto the eats!


The Spot’s Club is a pretty thick cut, filling sandwich. With your choice of toast (shown above, is Sourdough), you get lettuce, tomato, bacon, and turkey in between; it’s like a Big Mac in sandwich form, haha. Probably due to the size of the bread, this monster is pretty filling in itself. As for taste, it’s “solid” in that the sandwich itself isn’t groundbreaking, but it isn’t horrible either, it’s what you’d expect in a Clubhouse. Their fries were alright, though they always seem mushy; no matter which White Spot it is, they all seem to suffer from the same mushiness! The coleslaw is incredibly creamy, probably due to being drenched in mayo (blech!), though the cabbage was nice and crunchy.


If you’re not someone who likes a juicy slab of beef, the Mediterranean Chicken Burger might be for you! The chicken patty was very flavourful in that it exhibited a natural meaty goodness without the load of grease that traditionally comes with beef burgers. Contrasted with the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, which were all very fresh tasting, this burger is very filling without making you feel like an anchor has been dropped into your stomach (like with beef burgers).


The portobello provolone veggie burger is an interesting vegetarian option offered by White Spot. Generally, when I’ve tried vegetarian burgers at other restaurants, I’ve always been disappointed as the patty always tastes bland and like it was frozen. However, I’ve grown to like White Spot’s as despite the fact there’s no meat in sight, combined with the natural flavourings of the portobello, it’s one hearty, finger-licking burger!


Here are White Spot’s Zoo (Zucchini) sticks. Unlike some places which batter way too much, White Spot knows to coat in just enough so that with each bite, you can taste the crunchy batter, while still having a gush of zucchini flavour flood your mouth with each bite.


-Attentive service 

-Food came, relatively, quickly

-Solid eats 


-Why are the fries always so mushy

-Location’s kind of hidden 

-Can get expensive depending on what you order

Closing Comments: Known for their burgers, White Spot always seems to be trying to reinvent themselves, though that doesn’t always turn out too well (e.g. $14.99 for spaghetti and meatballs? I don’t think so…)

Overall Rating: 3.45 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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