Landsdowne Food Court Threefer: Thaiway Express, Port Seafood, & Curry Express

While food courts at many of the other mainstream malls have adapted and modernized to suit changing tastes, I’ve found that Landsdowne’s always has a certain retro appeal (due to the fact the setting itself is very 1980’s-esque and how many of the vendors are independent).

Starting off with Thaiway, we have their 3 items and rice and noodle special for $6.81. We have fried rice at 7 o’clock, deep fried fish at 9 o’clock, chow mein peaking through at 12 o’clock, stir fried mixed veggies at 2 o’clock and basil chicken at 5 o’clock. The rice was very bland, lacking any definitive character while the noodles, although having some taste, were very, VERY salty. The fish wasn’t very appetizing as there was at least 4 times as much batter as there was fish (like eating a ball of deep fried flour) and tasted as though it was sitting for hours under a heating lamp. The veggies were very limp and sad, though did have some taste (probably also because of sitting under a heating lamp for so long). The chicken, like the fish had way too much batter, plus, where was the basil in it?



-Large portions



-Most of it’s been sitting under a heat lamp for quite awhile…

-If you’re looking for something healthy, keep walking

Closing Comments: It’s cheap, you get a lot, so if you want something filling, though maybe not totally satisfying, Thaiway’s the place for you.

Overall Rating: 3.1 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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Next off on the list is Curry Express.

Shown above is their combo special which comes with your choice of 2 curries (chosen above is butter chicken and palak paneer), rice, naan and your choice of beverage (in this instance, chai tea) for $8.95. The palak paneer was very creamy and the spinach flavour really came out with each bite. Due to having sat under a heating lamp for awhile, the butter chicken was incredibly tender (almost like eating tofu!). This is one of those times where sitting under a heating lamp actually increases the tastiness of the food. The naan is your standard, yummy naan, which is absolutely ESSENTIAL in scooping up any leftover curries not absorbed by the rice. On this occasion, they made the chai tea fresh (you could see the vendor making it in the back!), though it took awhile. The service here was impeccable as they actually offered to call us when it was done and told us to eat the food before it got cold, instead of waiting at the counter for it to brew. Good service is pretty rare these days, especially at food courts, so it was very refreshing!


-Tasty butter chicken and palak paneer

-Although the chai tea wasn’t very pronounced, at least it was made in house, fresh!

-Excellent service


-Pricey compared to what you can get at a sit down place (though it’s a food court, and that’s expected)

Closing Comments: The tasty food and the excellent service provided an excellent experience!

Overall Rating: 4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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Last on our list, we have Port Seafood. If you’re an avid food court adventurer, you might recall that this joint used to be situated next to A&W at Richmond Centre, years ago, before moving to Landsdowne’s. 

In this combo, you get fried rice, broccoli and carrots (steamed), and a pork skewer for $6.99. Although some scowl at the use of microwaves, it’s a great way to steam veggies, so no complaints here on that! If it wasn’t steamed/microwaved, it would’ve probably ended up as a grease bomb, like the stir fried veggies from Thaiway Express. The fried rice also tasted very steamed, which is..kind of nice I guess. It isn’t super flavourful, but it’s not greasy either. The pork skewer is marinated and grilled (don’t worry, not everything here is microwaved, like a certain kiosk (cough) Tacotime (cough) and is very savory; they’ve found just the right amount of marinade so that the natural meaty flavours still come out with a hint of sweetness to boost. The spring roll is your crunchy, Vietnamese variety, which are very tasty on their own! They’re fried right then and there so very rarely will you get one that’s chewy and old tasting.


-Other than maybe the spring roll, or if you order fish and chips, nothing they have is that greasy

-They have pho here too!

-Pretty cheap


-Lot of microwave use (some people are really bothered by that, despite it just being used to steam veggies, but I don’t personally mind)

Closing Comments: It’s probably one of the healthier places you can go to at the Landsdowne food court, and some of their stuff is pretty tasty!

Overall Rating: 3.7 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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