Rockin’ It with Zeeg and Easilyfull: Twofer at Red Robbins and Bella Gelateria

To celebrate Zeeg’s birthday, we headed for Red Robins (we would’ve gone to Sears, but sadly, it’s only a passing memory now. Considering we went pretty early, it was actually quite busy! The service was really good as ¬†when we were setup at a really small table, and we asked for a larger one, they gladly accommodated, and with a smile too! Anyways, onto the grub…


Easilyfull ordered the Arctic Cod Fish and Chips (everything we ordered was around $12-13). Although the fries were pretty tasty, the fish was incredibly bland on the inside, and rather old, as if it was previously frozen then reheated. On a previous visit of her’s, she ordered the Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Linguine (not pictured), and she said it was just plain bad…but I don’t know, in the end, you should always trust your own judgement over mine or anyone else’s, as you might actually like it.


Zeeg ordered the Whisky River BBQ Chicken Burger. The burger was kind of cold, which is odd, but kind of ties into our hypothesis with the fish being frozen too. However, she could not get enough of the fries, as they were tasty! Yum! Something to note, is that much like White Spot, you can keep ordering more and more fries until your heart’s content (or heart stops, haha).


I ordered the Creamy Classic Mac N’ Cheese (with a garden salad). The salad was alright, didn’t taste the freshest, while the Mac N’ Cheese was kind of cold, like the burger and the fish. Overall, I thought this was an okay, maybe even solid meal until an hour or two later where I had to make an emergency run to the washroom. I’m not sure what it was, maybe salad was bad or cheese was bad, but my body just did not agree with it!


-Good service

-Conveniently located at the heart of downtown


-Food’s probably all frozen

-Might get food poisoning (though there is the possibility this is one of those off chance things…)

Closing Comments: The service was good, but honestly, food was just average. I don’t think I’ll make a second trip here though, due to the knowledge I may get sick eating anything they make.

Overall Rating: 0.8 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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After leaving Red Robins, we decided to walk off our meals and head to Pacific Centre (though, I guess I wouldn’t need to walk it off in the end eh?). However, after such a heavy meal, nothing goes down better than something cool and sweet, which is where Bella Gelateria came in!


On the top, Zeeg got a Red Blood Orange Sorbet with some Vanilla on the side. The orange was very strong, and pronounced, in contrast to the lightness of the vanilla ($4.71). I got the rum raisin and boy that rum was sure strong(just how I like it!). Wherever I go, always have to sample a joint’s rum raisin!


Easilyfull got the Thai Organic Coconut Milk gelato. As Schneider’s says “You can taste the difference quality makes!”. Honestly, it’s really hard to go wrong here, as not only do they have a large selection of flavours (which they’ll gladly let you sample!), they often switch out less popular flavours and put in a variety of random ones!


-Excellent service

-Delicious gelato (they make all of it there)


-Kind of pricey, but for one of the best gelato places in Vancouver, worth it

-Very small place, so it might be difficult to find a place to sit inside

Closing Comments: With a wide variety of gelatos and beverages to choose from, there’s bound to be something to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Overall Rating: 4.1 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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