Bamboo Garden

If you’ve got a case of the munchies and aren’t up for draining your wallet at White Spot’s Triple O’s, on campus, Cornerstone has a bunch of independently owned, and run, joints that offer relatively good bangs for your buck. Today, the focus will be on Bamboo Garden.

This is a medium ($5.71). You get white rice with a choice of two toppings (I got beef and potatoes and beef and broccoli). The beef was very tender, probably due to sitting in the heating area for awhile, while the potatoes were borderline mushy (probably also due to sitting for so long), though both were very tasty and satisfying, especially with the white rice. The broccoli tasted a little overcooked, as well as the beef, it was incredibly chewy.



-Cheap (relatively)

-Food’s not bad


-Some things are overcooked

-Could probably get fresher, tastier food for what you pay for

Closing Comments: It’s cheap, and can be good at times, but can also be a total miss.¬†

Overall Rating: 3.2 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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