Eating to Your Hearts Content: Himalaya Restaurant

Along Main Street, there’s quite a number of Indian buffets that will stuff you silly for between $9.99 and $12.99; Himalaya is no exception! 

Starting light, sort of, I got myself some chick peas and cucumber. The cucumber was nice and fresh; very crunchy still. The chick peas set my mouth on fire, though it was a good kind of burn I guess; just to note, I don’t have a very high tolerance for spicy stuff, so you might not find it hot at all, haha.

Round 1 - We have basmati rice on the bottom, Cauliflower curry on the left, peas and cheese curry at the bottom, mixed vegetables at 5 o’clock, yogurt curry with vegetable pakoras on the right, lentils in the centre, and naan bread at the top.

The rice is your standard steamed basmati rice, so we’ll skip that. The cauliflower curry lit a wildfire in my mouth, though it was incredibly tasty; needed about 3 cups of water to put it out (lightweight with spicy food, here!). The peas and cheese curry was interesting in that the cheese tasted a lot like cottage cheese and it was cubed; very tasty, and interesting combination. The mixed vegetables were also pretty hot, though not as tasty as the one with just cauliflower. The curry with the vegetable pakoras was interesting in that you wouldn’t realize the pakoras were even there until you tasted your first mouth-full. The lentils were REALLY weak, as in they were very bland. The naan must’ve been buttered or something, I couldn’t get enough of it!

This is a variation of “Round 1”. The differences are that on the left we have some pickled carrots (they almost look like peppers, and were really sweet!), butter chicken at the bottom (it was very buttery tasting, just the way it should be, and oh so delectable!). On the right, we have curry chicken (it was very fall-off-the-bone-tender due to the fact it was in a steamer for awhile, though it meant it was that much more juicy and flavourful!)

I didn’t bother showing Round 2, since it was identical to Round 1, so here’s the sweets! Top left, we have jalebi; it’s like a very sweet, semi-crunchy sugar stick. This is one of my favourite sweets as, although it begins to hurt your teeth after awhile, it’s one of those must have things at these sweet shops. On the right, we have Barfi. I know it sounds gross, but Barfi is actually quite addictive; I think the best way I could describe it, is like biting into a macaron that taste like a mixture of dairy and fudge on the inside. Lastly, the thing your dentist would abhor you for eating, Gulab Jamun. This is like a deep fried timbit that’s been left sitting in caramel or maple syrup for a couple of hours. It’s actually quite warm on the inside, with all of the syrupy goodness oozing out with each bite. Yum!



-Good variety

-Lots of seating

-They usually have a random, but interesting Bollywood flick on everytime I’ve been there


-Some stuff isn’t the freshest

-Cleanliness and food safe questionable (though it’s not THAT dirty or bad or anything like that)

Closing Comments: Sometimes, if you don’t want your whole meal to consist of a single dish, like at Al Watan, a buffet like this or All India is your best bet (though All India is primarily vegetarian).

Overall Rating: 3.4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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