Al-Watan Tandori

Sometimes, dives can give us some of the most pleasant, surprising experiences, while other times, they end up just revolting our senses. On this occasion, we headed to Al-Watan on Fraser, and I must say, this one was a pleasant surprise. 

Shot of the lunch special portion of the menu

Different dishes involving different meats

They have vegetarian stuff too!

Here we see one of their $6.99 lunch specials. It comes with basmati rice, a piece of tandori chicken, Chicken curry, Daal (Lentil curry), and vegetable. The tandori, while having some hint of spice, was a little on the bland side. The lentil curry and vegetable portions were very tasty and very spicy. Though, the best part has to be the chicken curry; It had a very distinct tomato-like taste to it.

Since this place apparently specializes in Tandori chicken ($7.99), we ordered a separate plate of it to share. Again, although having some character, it was a little on the bland side for me.

This dish is Chicken Saag (8.99); It’s basically chicken cooked with spinach and other spices.I found this to be the most flavourful thing ordered as although it wasn’t spicy, it was just very tasty, especially when using the Naan to scoop up the leftovers!

The Dal Makhani ($5.99) was fairly hot (and I don’t just mean temperature wise!) and pretty tasty, though, overall, I think it would’ve been better to stick with just the meat ones; they had a more distinct flavour to them!

Can’t have a meal without ordering some Naan ($1.50). I loved their naan bread as, although it wasn’t one of the specialty seasoned ones, it had the kind of flavour you’d only find in ones baked in Tandor ovens.



-Friendly Service

-Pretty good selection


-If you’re looking for atmosphere, this isn’t the place for you

-I guess if you really have to make a point about it, you COULD get more bang for your buck from one of the Indian buffets nearby

-Vegetable curries and dishes aren’t as strong as the meat ones¬†

Closing Comments: Hole in the walls, although looking pretty sketchy from the outside, can give us some of the best food experiences, and Al Watan was no exception!

Overall Rating: 3.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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