Quadruple Threat: Lee’s Donuts, Market Grill, Terra Bread and Petit Ami Coffee (Granville Island)

When you’re at Granville Island, the atmosphere is just inescapable! The live buskers, the arts and crafts, the food…mmm the food. After being induced into a musical trance by Les Finnigan’s song, Woodcutter, I felt the need to satisfy not only my artsy hunger, but my physical hunger as well.

First off, we headed to my favourite coffee joint on the island, Petit Ami. As the sign says, it’s all organic and fairly traded, so you can feel good about drinking their stuff.

Menu and prices for their fall/winter selection. During the summer, they replace the apple cider with a selection of drinks that are somewhat akin to an iced cappuccino.

First off, we have hot apple cider, which they were advertising LIKE CRAZY today ($2.85). With it’s distinct tartness, it’s everything you’d expect in a good apple cider! Added bonus, they’ve got shakers with cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, vanilla, etc. for you to indulge your beverage with.

Being a rather nippy day, I opted to get the hot chocolate ($3.45) with fresh whipped cream on top (I know…fatty, but oh so good). This isn’t your run of the mill powdered hot chocolate! It tastes like real melted chocolate in a deliciously sinful cup (I should note though, I think the best hot chocolate is the Belgian varieties they offer at Blenz, though this one’s still pretty good!).


-Fair trade and organic

-Good variety

-They know how to warm you up on a cold day! (and cool you down on a summer one too!)

-They usually have a dedicated busker near their storefront


-Can get pricey

-Service is sometimes slow

-Gets busy really quickly

Closing Comments: Petit Ami carries on the artisan spirit of the island with their own take on specialty coffees. Give it a try next time you’re on the island!

Overall Rating: 3.6 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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After we got drinks to warm our hands and ourselves, we were drawn towards Lee’s Donuts. 

Unlike shops, such as Tim Hortons, they always make their donuts fresh, and in the old fashioned way!

Generally, donuts are $1.70 each and $8.00 for half a dozen. The varieties we got this time were Maple Iced, Jelly, Bavarian, Mango (Jelly variety), and Chocolate Bavarian. The maple iced was very soft and fluffy on the inside, in contrast to Tim Horton’s frozen kinds, and the icing was very sweet and chunky. The Jelly donuts are reminiscent of a time gone by; dusted in powdered sugar with strawberry jelly on the inside, every bite gushes forth a mouthful of yummyness! However, the donut to rule them all was the Chocolate Bavarian. Usually, Bavarian donuts have cream inside, but this one had pure liquid chocolate on the inside. Every bite, every taste, indescribable. 


-Good selection of donuts

-They also do Crepes!

-Friendly, attentive service

-Donuts are done the old fashioned way (fresh too!)


-Pricier than normal donuts

-It’s not healthy, that’s for sure, but then again, it’s a donut

Closing Comments: It’s not Cartem’s, nor is it Tim Hortons. It’s little of both, or somewhere in between. However, if you’re on the island, and are yearning for some good old fashioned donuts, Lee’s is the place to go!

Overall Rating: 3.4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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If you’re not into donuts, however, but still want some sort of artisan baked good, there’s also Terra Breads in the food court area (across from Petit Ami).

Not wanting to spoil our appetite for dinner too much, we got this baguette looking concoction called a Stecca ($1.35). Made with rosemary and olive oil, it had a very savoury taste to it, though it did remind me of deep fried Chinese donuts for some reason…On another occasion, I got their Foccacia, and boy was it tasty and filling! 


-So many types of bread to choose from!

-Hard to go wrong here


-Lineup’s really long

-Pricey at times

Closing Comments: Everytime I think of Terra Breads, I’m always reminded of Cobs Bread. They know how to make many different combinations of things, with bread, you would’ve never thought of and are a great way to fill an empty tummy.

Overall Rating: 3.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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The last place on our check list was the Market Grill (it overlooks the Aquabus dock and the courtyard).

Generally, you can tell how good a joint like this is by their fries, as if their fries suck, chances are the other stuff, most times but not always, will suck too. The fries this time, potato wedges, were quite surprising! They were very crispy on the outside while still being nice and fresh on the inside, without being overly burnt. With the hint of seasoning salt on top, it was a very satisfying treat ($3.19)


-Fries were pretty good

-Friendly service

-Close to a main busking area

-They apparently have good breakfasts


-VERY pricey, especially their burgers

-Location around gets very packed and busy at times

Closing Comments: It’s kind of pricey, even compared to some of the other places around, so you might want to keep looking elsewhere for grub.

Overall Rating: 3.3 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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