Different Place, Different Taste? The Old Spaghetti Factory (Richmond)

On a previous outing, with Zeeg and Easilyfull to the Gastown location, I was not really impressed with the Old Spaghetti Factory. However, I’ve learned, first hand, that sometimes, it’s the location that’s at fault, not the franchise, so I decided to give the Richmond location a go!


With many of the entrees, you get a choice of either Minestrone soup or Salad (this one’s a typical garden salad with ranch dressing). Veggies were pretty fresh and, as our waiter enthusiastically mentioned, the ranch is made in house.


The minestrone soup here was actually tastier, and less salty, than the one in Gastown!


The customary (sourdough?) loaf that comes complimentary with every meal. Again, I liked this one more as it was fresh, hot and crispy, compared to the other one which was…well sad. Yes I’m just going to keep comparing this one to the other location.


On the last outing, I recall Easilyfull ordering the Penne with Chicken and boy did it look good, so I took a stab at it. The penne was cooked just right, as it was soft, but still a little firm, while the sauce was extremely creamy and flavourful. This was a really tasty $13.25.


The Pesto with Linguine (and added chicken for $2), on the other hand, did not fair too well. It was very creamy, but it had no flavour! Aside from the cracked pepper our server added, well, food food everywhere, but not a flavour to taste. This dish was approximately $13.20


This is the spaghetti with spicy meat sauce ($10.65). It was alright, though nothing special. As Lil’ L says, this dish was “solid”.


Seriously, it’s out of the freezer ice cream, haha. Nothing to say here…


-Friendly, attentive service

-Homely decor

-Solid eats (except for the pesto with Linguine)


-Stay away from Lasagna (meat and vegetable!)

-Can get really busy quickly


Closing Comments: These guys, unlike the Gastown one, really know service as well as how to make some pretty solid eats! However, this location’s kind of in the middle of nowhere land, so I guess you might be turned off by that fact.

Overall Rating: 3.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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