Skookum Eats with Lil’ L at Marulilu Cafe

With both of us having a far from peachy week, Lil’ L and I met up for some coffee and grub. ¬†Having seen it on a previous occasion, but not having the opportunity to try it yet, Lil’ L suggested we head to Marulilu Cafe, so off we went.

Being rather hungry, Lil’ L got the $5 breakfast. It’s not a bad sized portion for what you pay, and L said it was pretty solid too! That’s a win in her books, I suppose. If you got something of this caliber at, say IHOP, you’d probably pay twice to three times as much.

On a previous outing with L, we went to a Japanese cafe and they had some seriously good desserts! I figured that since this was a cafe as well, I’d try out their Tiramisu ($5.50). It was pretty creamy and all, but the coffee taste could be stronger, and I’m sure this wasn’t made there (lost a brownie point from me!).


-Friendly, helpful staff

-Free wifi

-Lots of selection from their menu 

-Breakfasts are their strong point

-Right across from the Canada Line (easily accessible)


-Don’t get the Tiramisu


-Can get really busy really quickly

Closing Comments: It’s a pretty quaint, cozy little cafe right at the heart of Cambie with a pretty good menu. Their breakfasts looked, smelled, and seemed pretty popular so maybe next time, I’ll try that instead, as well as their Japanese stuff, haha

Overall Rating: 3.2 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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