Skookum Eats with the Man Formerly Known as Rowdy Jagger, Lil’ L, and Special Guest: Mama Le

I guess to “celebrate” the new year, we decided to go and grab some sushi from Samurai Sushi (Oakridge) and then perhaps get dessert after. On a cold, dark evening like today, there’s a tendency to just feel really sleepy and not do much, so we didn’t venture as far as we usually would. But, as a bonus, we had a special guest, Mama Le, join us for another skookum eat!

Lil’ L and I must have read each others’ minds as we both ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Roll. For $3.50 (I think), it’s a pretty monster sized roll. I know, I know, much like AYCE, it’s not really authentic, but it’s a pretty large, tasty portion (for the price you pay).

Authentic sushi makers would faint at the size of this abomination. With a massive amount of filling for the same price as the Chicken Teriyaki roll, you’re most certainly getting bang for your buck!

Mama Le didn’t join us until later on that evening.


-MASSIVE pieces of sushi

-Pretty good value for the price you pay


-Joint is packed to the…well it’s packed

-Staff seemed to want to get you out of there ASAP

Closing Comments: Despite being a hole in the wall, it’s definitely a good bang for your buck! However, if you’re looking for authenticity, keep looking elsewhere.

Overall Rating: 3.6 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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EVENTUALLY, and I have to really emphasize it, Mama Le joined us, after hours and hours and hours of waiting…well I kid, it was more like 10 minutes. We headed off to Yuen Yuen Cafe across the street, next to Samurai Sushi, for some bubble tea.

It was a little late for being adventurous, so I just ordered a Black Tea ($3). It was pretty sweet, though still having a very bitter aftertaste to it; just the way I like it!

The Man Formerly Known as Rowdy got a Wheat Germ Milk Tea. Never had it before, myself, but he was apparently sold on it (it was solid, I guess!)

Mama Le got an Earl Grey one, though right from the start, something was amiss; she asked for a hot drink, and it came ice cold. That was very odd though, since her drink took like twice as long to make, yet it wasn’t even hot! In the end, she did get it hot, but it was even…weirder. In the immortal words of Rowdy: “IT SMELLS LIKE OYSTERS”. Indeed, it did, as it had a very…weird aftertaste. It was probably because it was heated too hot, but she digressed; it kept her and her hands nice and toasty in the end!


-Good selection 

-Other than the Earl Grey, taste isn’t too bad


-Inattentive service

-Earl Grey Tea

Closing Comments: Come on, it took 5 times as long to bring it, despite it being cold like all the other drinks, and when it came, it was done wrong. It wasn’t even busy, yet the server still screwed up the order! The service really detracted from the experience, in this occasion

Overall Rating: 2 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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