There’s a Reason Retro isn’t Modern: Helen’s Grill

Main Street’s a pretty hipster district, with all of those independent boutiques and coffee houses. So, expecting the same, we headed for Helen’s Grill. Oh my, stepping inside is like going back to the 1950’s. A jukebox, which you can control with quarters at a machine at your table, coca-cola in a bottle, and a diner style counter area? This must be a hipster’s paradise; hipsters, for some reason, love really retro things. 

Above, you’ll see the aforementioned jukebox control machine, where after you select a quarter, you can flip through the songs it has and choose it through the corresponding keys.

Not really “retro”, I guess, since most people prefer glass nowadays, due to the fact that plastic bottles will leach into what you drink.

Since this place seemed like a 1950’s style joint, I decided to get a Fish Burger (nothing fancy). Oh my…this was a very sad state of affairs. The fish, despite looking deep fried, was very soggy, and the lettuce underneath wasn’t too fresh either. The fries were very soggy and lacked any general character or crispiness that is generally expected of a fry.


-“Authentic” dining room

-Got some great tunes on that jukebox

-Easy to get to (being right on Main St.)


-Food isn’t all that great

-Can get really busy at times

-Pricey for something that isn’t really worth it

Closing Comments: If their prices reflected 1950’s prices, I might be more inclined to come back again, though, due to the lack of quality, I’m really turned off of a second visit.

Overall Rating: 2.8 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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