Food, Food, Everywhere but no HK Cafe in Sight: Pearl on Victoria

It’s very surprising that in a, predominantly, asian neighbourhood such as Victoria Drive, there’s a general lack of Hong Kong style Cafes. That is, until Pearl on Victoria entered the scene. Upon entering the establishment, I noticed it was rather cramped, and for groups larger than 10, you might have a problem; it seemed our group occupied at least 50% of the available seats in the restaurant.

To start off, we got the spaghetti with ham, chicken, and tomatoes. This is your typical kind of HK Cafe dish with the sweetened (tomato?) sauce. It was actually pretty flavourful and not a bad sized portion for the price. I can’t recall the exact price, but I remember it being around $7-$8.

Although looking like curry, this is actually Baked Portugese Chicken on Rice. This was my favourite dish as it was really tasty!! Last time I tried something like this was at Deer Garden on Fraser, and that was just plain bland and nasty. (Price is the same as the previous one)

If you’re not one for “traditional” dishes, you can get a 2/3 item combo.  In this case, it’s a 2 item combo with Breaded chicken, breaded fish filet, vegetables (hidden underneath), and spaghetti. I was, again, surprised at the quality of the taste of this dish! Both the fish and the chicken had a very crispy, flaky crust, without being too greasy.


-Solid eats, though not the best 

-Price isn’t totally unreasonable, though, compared to other things, there’s better value out there


-Why do they bring all of your drinks at the end?

-Slow and inattentive service

-Cramped restaurant

-Not much parking

Closing Comments: You’ll be hard pressed to find anything remotely similar to this kind of restaurant along Victoria, so if you’re a local and aren’t willing to go far, you might have to settle for this.

Overall Rating: 3.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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