A (Somewhat) Healthier Option: Cultures (Metrotown)

Most times, when you’re at the food court, you’ll probably be tempted to grab something from the place with the shortest lineup. Unfortunately, that often means you’ll end up getting a greasy hamburger, or something to that effect. Being ever so cautiously adventurous, I went for Cultures. 

Although their menu was a little confusing, due to odd things being blanked out, I ordered the Spinach Quiche and 2 salads. The quiche was obviously store-bought and heated up at the kiosk, though it tasted very odd. For some reason, there was very little egg in it, despite it being a key component, which made it incredibly watery and really bland tasting, maybe even nasty. 

The salads weren’t bad though! I liked the spaghetti salad (sorry I don’t know the proper term for it, since they don’t have labels for it either) due to whatever light dressing present blending with the parsley. The chick pea salad wasn’t bad, though it’s pretty hard to screw it up. It was pretty standard and solid for what it was.

Despite not being pictured this time, they also have bubble tea, which I’ve tried on a previous occasion, though I’d advise against ordering that.


-Not too expensive (around $8 for this one)

-Good salads


-Bubble tea’s kind of nasty

-Quiches (the other one there looked to be in the same store-bought condition as the one I ordered)

Closing Comments: I just realized there’s also a salad kiosk joint at the mall, so I suppose there is something healthier than this after all. It’s not bad, though I’d just go for the salads, nothing more.

Overall Rating: 2.9 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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