Nostalgia Bomb: Uncle Willy’s

If you’re like me, there’s only 2 possible reasons you’re going to Uncle Willy’s. 1: You came here as a kid and have fond memories of it, or 2: It’s relatively cheap for a buffet, and there aren’t many caucasian style buffets around Vancouver anymore. Or, I suppose if you’ve been busy getting in some last minute Christmas shopping at Metrotown, which is conveniently located across the parking lot, you’d want to stop in for a nice hearty feast to treat yourself for all your shopping accomplishments. 

Like several other places I’ve been to, Uncle Willy’s is like a time capsule stuck in the 1980’s. The decor is so dated, especially with the ghetto neon lighting, the retro booths, and the, interestingly enough, original ice cream machine.

Something I like about Uncle Willy’s is that it’s about $13.95 for dinner, and $9.99 for lunch. I mean for a buffet, although not Las Vegas gourmet style, it’s a pretty darn good deal, especially compared to the food court!

Starting off with a clean palette, we’ve got your standard green salad (veggies were crisp and fresh!), Cornbread (hard to gauge how good it is, as not many places have it, but it seemed alright), and steamed corn/peas (tastes like steamed frozen veggies, but whatever…).

For “Round 1”, we’ve got Chow Mein (very tasty, though obviously not authentic Chinese style), spring rolls (it has the same consistency as President’s Choice kinds), more steamed (frozen?) carrots and corn, Cheese Perogies (too chewy, tasted like they were sitting too long), Fried chicken (this is the Pièce de résistance of Uncle Willy’s; fresh, crispy, and oh so juicy, Yum!!!), Roast Chicken (not as good as the Fried Chicken, but still equally as yummy and juicy!), and Roast Beef (sorry it’s hidden underneath the other stuff, but it was really tender, despite being cooked all the way through, and quite tasty!)

Pictured above are some slight differences to the previous one. We have Ham instead of the Beef, which, although saltier, is still quite tasty, and sushi. Yes, for some reason they have a sushi section now, and although it’s obviously not authentic, much like their other asian stuff, it’s not bad either.

I didn’t bother showing “Round 2”, as I pretty much duplicated Round 1. For dessert, since all of the apple crumble and rice pudding was cleared out, I got some ice cream. I’m always hesitant to use that machine as it sounds like it’ll explode any second…anyways I digress. The ice cream itself wasn’t really “ice cream” per se, but more like ice milk. Still, the fact you can add as much chocolate syrup or caramel as you want, I guess that makes up for it, though I don’t know how much you’d possibly want.


-Large selection

-Relatively Cheap

-Lots of parking (same parking as Metrotown)

-Chicken and the meats they make are awesome


-Washroom’s a disaster zone

-Some of the stuff is a total miss (e.g. perogies)

-Can get really busy at times

Closing Comments: Seriously, just go there for the chicken. If nothing else, just get a plate of chicken; it puts Church’s and KFC to shame.

Overall Rating: 3.2 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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