Pita King (Brentwood)

If good portions, good flavour, and good price had a miracle child, it’d be Pita King. Ever since I first tried their cuisine, this has been my one stop lunch spot at Brentwood. Although they’ve raised their prices slightly, you’ll be hard pressed to find a food court kiosk that can offer as much food for the price (except maybe Taco Luis). 

The special that day was a Shawarma (chicken) Platter with a Pop for $8.50. It comes with rice pilaf, which was really flavourful, Greek Potatoes (tasty, but didn’t taste all that fresh…), your choice of Salad (I got Caesar), which I found to be a little heavy handed on the dressing, a slice of pita (so fluffy and yummy!), and, of course, the Shawarma (with the Tahini, it’s just melt in your mouth GODLY).

For around the same price, you can also get the Chicken Souvlaki Platter. Comes with rice pilaf, Greek Potatoes, your choice of salad, pita, and Chicken Souvlaki Skewers. The chicken in this one is flavourful due to all the juices being absorbed into the meats, yum! Downside is that, unlike the other, you don’t get a pop with the combo.


-Huge portions

-Good prices

-Good flavours

-Friendly owners


-Salad can be a miss at times

-Sometimes, their stuff isn’t always too fresh, especially when it’s a slow day

Closing Comments: Seriously, this has to be my favourite fast food joint in all of GVRD, no doubt about it! I’d highly recommend you try it out for a great Greek/Mediterranean experience!

Overall Rating: 4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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