White Spot (Oakridge)

Oakridge. With every passing day, it seems like it’s shifting more and more towards the extremely wealthy over all else. There are exceptions of course: Zellers (soon to be Target), EB Games, etc. However, being one of the few actual sit down places at the mall, White Spot is the subject of this post.

Small snapshot showing some of the stuff we ordered.

This is the White Spot Club ($11.99). It’s pretty solid, not much to complain about. You’d be surprised how rare that is though, as a club house seems simple enough, yet many places somehow manage to create an identity crisis between 3 slices of bread.

In this picture, we’ve got the Spot’s Fish and Chips (price is comparable to the Club House). For the price you pay, you get 2 whopping pieces of Cod. Not too oily, yet still being deep fried just right, it makes for a satisfying meal. 

Refreshingly different from their other, what I term “traditional” style burgers, the Mediterranean Chicken burger seeks to be different. With a very Greek signature with the fresh vegetables and feta cheese, it’s a lot lighter, than say their Mushroom Burger or any other Beef related burger.

My personal favourite, the Chicken Caesar Wrap. The veggies are fresh, like all the others, and the bacon was a nice touch to the otherwise bland chicken. I really did not like the coleslaw though as it had WAY too much mayonnaise. The fries were nice and crispy though, so I guess that sort of makes up for it.


-Conveniently located in the mall

-Fries, Fish, Clubhouse, and Caesar Wrap were solid

-Good sized portions

-They have wifi now, apparently (though I couldn’t connect to it)


-Slow service

-Coleslaw’s nasty

-There’s probably better bang for your buck at Taco Luis in the food court

Closing Comments: Some of their dishes are a hit, but others are an EXTREME miss.  I really must note though, their service leaves something to be desired, as there were times when it seemed we had no server, yet the place wasn’t even busy.

Overall Rating: 3.1 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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