Rocking It with Zeeg and Easilyfull: The Old Spaghetti Factory (Gastown)

Deciding to see each other one last time before the “end of the world”, Zeeg, Easilyfull, and I went to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Gastown for one last sha-bang. If you’re familiar with the area, you’ll know it’s been reported that this particular Spaghetti Factory has an invisible guest (a ghost), but that’s not for me to decide or debunk if it’s true or not. Besides, this is a food blog (primarily), not a ghost hunting blog.


Generally, no matter what you order, you’ll always get a loaf of bread and garlic butter to share among the others at your table. Zeeg and I noted, however, that the bread was rather hard, and the garlic butter really didn’t have any garlic taste to it.


With Easilyfull’s and my meal, we chose the included Minestrone Soup. A big complaint we both had with this, was that it was pretty cold, as if it had been sitting in the open for quite awhile.


Zeeg, being the healthy one among us got a salad instead, with the House Italian Dressing. She mentioned that the dressing was incredibly sour, but, not being too culinarily adventurous, I’m not too sure if that’s supposed to be that way or not.


Easilyfull got the Penne with Chicken ($13.25). Portion size was not too bad, though, maybe I’m just being cheap, but you can get a lot more for a price like that. However, Zeeg and I are still very impressed that Easilyfull managed to finish her ENTIRE meal! Perhaps the next step is to try all you can eat, haha.


Zeeg and I both got the Veggie Lasagna ($12.50). It looked really cheesy and all, but we soon found out that on the inside, there wasn’t much cheese at all; that’s a problem since most lasagnas generally have cheese at every layer, not just at the top. Probably just due to the cheese as well, but it was really REALLY salty…


Zeeg and I got the Spumoni ice cream and Easily full got the Vanilla. Nothing really out of the ordinary, as it tastes like out of the freezer stuff. Though, I guess if I wanted the real surpremo stuff, I’d head to Bella Gelateria down the street.


-Rich history at the establishment

-Short wait time

-Complimentary bread and stuff is a nice touch


-Sketchy part of town, especially at night

-Bad Service; didn’t come back to refill water or anything!

-Bread was REALLY hard

-Lasagnas were really salty

-For the cost, you can probably get a better bang for your buck elsewhere

Closing Comments: Bad service, bad neighbourhood, mediocre food, I don’t know, unless you’re coming here out of convenience, there’s probably better places for your dollar elsewhere downtown. Though, not saying it’s terrible or anything, some might like it more than me!

Overall Rating: 2.95 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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