All India Sweets & Restaurant

Located right next to both a bus stop on 49th and/or Main, All India is a great way to satisfy your cravings for Indian cuisine without breaking your wallet. For $9.99, you gain access to an unlimited salad, entree, and dessert bar. Not bad eh? 

Forgive me if I butcher the names of the things I got and/or get them mixed up lol. So, going clockwise, we have Naan bread and Lentil Bread at 1 o’clock. The Naan and Lentil Bread were both awesome, possessing a very unique “baked” flavour (due to being baked in the oven of course). At 5 o’clock, we have some pickled carrots, which, if you haven’t tried before, are an interesting flavour combination in your mouth. 

Alright..onto the curries. So we’ve got Shahi Paneer (Curry with Cheese Cubes that sort of reminds me of Ma Po Tofu in appearance), Malai Kofta (It’s sorta like stuffing but in meatball form), Alu Gobi (Cauliflower and potatoes in curry), this was by far the spiciest thing there, yet one of the most flavourful (it’s my favourite!) and Chana Masala (Beans in Curry Sauce). If I’ve gotten them mixed up with something else, or missed something, I apologize in advance!

These are the desserts they offer (well, the liquid ones anyways…). On the left we have Kheer (some sort of milky rice pudding), and on the right, we have custard pudding (Egg, sugar, etc, you know what’s in custard!). Didn’t care much for Kheer, but the custard pudding was AWESOME!

No, don’t get excited, it’s not fried rice (much to the dismay of a fellow restaurant patron, who loaded up his curries on top of it as if it was normal rice LOL). This is sweet Biryani rice. It tastes like rice that’s been mixed with syrup. I don’t know, it didn’t do much for me either, but maybe you’ll like it.

Can’t go get Indian food without getting some Jalebi! It’s pretty much like biting into a soft/chewy, yet crunchy sugar bomb. It’s sooo sweet, that you’ll feel your teeth are melting with every bite, yet it’s still pretty awesome.


-Fantastic Service

-1980’s decor, but is still very homely feeling

-High food turnover (they constantly replace older trays of food)




-Buffet is Vegetarian (though you might not mind that, I for sure didn’t!)

-Not fancy or anything, though that’s a given since it’s a buffet

Closing Comments: Good service, good food, good price, what are you waiting for! Located right by 2 major bus stops, give this place a shot if you happen to be in the area. It’s a good bang for your buck, and if you haven’t tried Indian food before, this’ll give you a good taste of what it’s like.

Overall Rating: 4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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