Panos Greek Taverna

Been a regular for a few years now and have to say, this is one of my personal favourites. Located along Marine Drive, Panos is located in a prime spot for workers nearby to hit up for lunch. On this occasion, however, we’ve come here for dinner.

From the outside, it might look kinda ghetto and sketchy, but trust me, it’s not! (especially once you’ve gone inside)

It always seems to have this homey yellow glow to the place; very comfortable feeling inside!

This portion of the menu shows some of the main entrees 

This one shows their specialties. On a previous occasion, I tried their lamb and oh my goodness! It was so melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

On this occasion, we decided to try one of their steaks

I believe all of the entrees you order come with your choice of salad in the beginning ( I usually choose Caesar or Greek). The Greek Salad was very fresh, as the veggies were really crunchy, and had my favourite…feta! Yum!

As mentioned earlier, we decided to try the steak this time. It comes with rice, potatoes, tzatziki, and pita (shown later). The steak was delicious, just like how it should be! With its juices pooling on top, it was just shouting at you to take a first succulent bite to let the flavour melt in your mouth.

Sorry, the lighting in this place is really dark. This is the Half-Greek Style Chicken. Unlike BBQ Chicken which is just drenched in sauce, this one is dry rubbed with herbs. It’s a pretty massive portion in itself, and one of the cheaper things here! Though, despite being cheaper, it still packs quite a punch in flavour ( you can really taste the herbs!). The rice is your standard rice pilaf, like the kind you’d get at any other Greek place. The potato though, had quite a lemony zest to it! Nothing tops it off like their Tzatziki though! It always has the same, exact consistency and flavour (love it!)

With most of the meals, you get a basket of Pita Bread. Unlike the kinds you’d get at a food court which are flat and dreary, these are often very fluffy and tasty! (they’re still warm when you get them!)


-Large Portions

-Excellent execution of flavours

-Nice ambiance and decor

-Good service


-Can be kind of slow at times

-Parking is limited

-Can get really REALLY busy 

Closing Comments: This is one place you should add on your foodie bucket list! With their sizable portions, great taste, and great experience, it’s one place you won’t want to miss!

Overall Rating: 4.3 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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