Lacking Where It Counts…

Today, we headed to Hei Lum Mun Seafood Restaurant for dinner because we won one of their “contests” for a discount coupon (50% off). I guess to our disadvantage, there was a baby banquet that booked out 2/3 of the restaurant; I’m surprised they didn’t just close the rest, I mean why bother serve a banquet and have 4 odd tables that are full of other patrons… When we had begun ordering (it’s one of those pick so and so items for this price combination things), it seemed like everything we wanted to order was out of stock; asked for Lobster, Chicken, Gai Lan and we always got the same answer: oh we don’t have enough for that, we needed it for the banquet. Honestly if you don’t stock enough of ANYTHING, why do you bother opening up the last 3rd of the restaurant to patrons..In the end, the owner ended up running next door to the grocery store to pick up “supplies”; real classy eh?

This dish consists of Beef Brisket with Daikon, Green Onion, and what seemed like Tendon (not too sure) in a Claypot. I know brisket isn’t the leanest meat around but this was REALLY fatty…

The Deep Fried Chicken with Shrimp Chips is like a mainstay at these kinds of dinners. However, despite his seemingly hurried attempt to buy a “fresh” one from next door, this chicken was really oily and tasted like it was quickly unfrozen and re-fried;very stale chicken..the chips were equally as stale as they were super chewy(it was like eating a wet sponge..)

This dish was Bitter Melon with Chicken. Out of all the things we ordered, this had to be the best one. It was the most flavourful, and the only one that didn’t taste abnormally old.

Sweet and Sour Pork Chops. Hard to go wrong there…oh wait.  Although usually drenched in Sweet and Sour sauce, I tasted almost NONE of the pork chop. Compared to Sun Yee, I must say this was very poorly executed.

This is the Gai Lan the owner ran next door to grab lol (the meat on top is Chicken). For some reason, I guess it was the sauce, they decided to drench it in MSG. The moment you take a bite out of the stalk, you can feel your tongue go numb..

Oh me oh my, what is this now LOL. It tasted (and kind of looks like) Tapioca in some sort of sweet soup (turns out it’s tapioca mixed with Kapocha Squash)




-VERY expensive (it came out to $100, for 5 dishes, without the coupon)

-Food’s WAY below average (old/greasy/too much MSG)

-Running next door to pick up groceries because you didn’t stock up enough before hand?

Closing Comments: Honestly, don’t go here for dinner (Dim Sum, well there’s better, but it’s not bad), it’s the worst bang for your buck. The quality is SERIOUSLY lacking, the quantity is also lacking; you can easily go to Neighbour’s or Sun Yee’s and get not only way more food, but a better feeling in your gut after.

Overall Rating: 2.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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