Rocking It with Zeeg and Easilyfull: Au Petite Cafe & Green Leaf Natural Food

Today was the king of all rainy days…it was like a curtain of water everywhere you went! Nevertheless, 2 fellow adventurers, Zeeg and Easilyfull, braved the cold, wet, barren Cityscape in search of nourishment. Zeeg suggested that we hit up this Vietnamese restaurant she had gone to previously, and since neither Easilyfull nor I had any other suggestions, we ventured forward. The moment we got to the door, you could tell the place was JAM-PACKED. Usually, there’s only 2 explanations: it’s pretty darn good, or the place is ridiculously tiny (ironic since it’s called Au Petite Cafe lol).

Zeeg and Easilyfull got the “French Bread sub with Vietnamese Pork, Vegetables and Fish Sauce”. The bread was very chewy and didn’t taste very fresh and, as Easilyfull hilariously mentioned, it didn’t taste like Chicken at all (LOL!).

I got myself the beef stew and french bread (the bread comes with it). Overall, I found the beef to be extremely fatty and, at the end, my tongue to be extremely numb due to the oil and MSG used. Like Zeeg and Easilyfull, the bread was very old tasting…


-Attentive Service

-Not ridiculously expensive, but there’s still cheaper out there


-Bread isn’t as good as others rave it to be

-Sure a lot of oil and MSG…

Closing Comments: Perhaps we might’ve ordered the wrong things and that maybe their specialty is Pho, who knows! Probably won’t be back to find out though…

Overall Rating: 3 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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After leaving Au Petite Cafe, we found our mouths parched due to all the MSG. We decided to hop on the bus once again for parts unknown, to satisfy our unquenchable thirsts. On Fraser St., across from John Oliver is a tiny hole in the wall bubble tea joint called “Green Leaf Bubble Tea”. What really caught our eye was their specials ($2.00 for a bubble tea? we’re down!). 

Zeeg and I both got the mix fruit slush which was surprisingly tasty; it really tasted like they mixed real fruits in there (some places just use can tell).

Easilyfull, on the other hand, was being adventurous and got the Green Apple with pearls. Unfortunately, she didn’t enjoy her drink as much as Zeeg and I did; claimed it tasted really funny and a bit off.



-Close to bus stop

-Some drinks are not bad


-Why is the blender so darn loud…

-Don’t get Green Apple

Closing Comments: Looking for a cheap source of adequate bubble tea? This may or may not satisfy your thirst depending on what you get. Haven’t tried enough of their stuff to really make a good judgement unfortunately…maybe next time.

Overall Rating: 3.8 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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