Knight and Day

Oh me, oh my, this place is the epitomy of ghetto. As if taken right out of the 1980’s, Knight and Day is one of those “timeless” restaurants that most have been too. As evident by their retro seating, light fixtures, and buffet brunch area (which they do on Sundays), the only place that’s more of a time capsule has to be Uncle Willy’s. The first thing you’ll notice is that their menu is quite…diverse. Needless to say, there are some things on there they obviously specialize on and others you should stay clear away from.

As mentioned earlier, there are some things they are good at and some they aren’t. This is the Mediterranean Chicken Gyro. Generally, this place serves “Trucker/Lumberjack” style breakfasts (eggs, bacon/ham/sausage,toast, etc), but they’ve diversified to have Greek Dishes. Overall, this one is quite mediocre. You’ll find that for the most part, there aren’t that many veggies, and that most of the Tzatziki pools at the bottom of the wrapper; me thinks they’re not using the right kind of yogurt.

This is one of the dishes I would consider them good at; The KD Supreme Omelet. It comes with your choice of toast, pan fries, that were cooked just enough so there’s a crispy bottom to them, and an omelet, with scrambled egg, cheese, mushrooms, sausage/ham, and peppers. Was very stuffed at the end from this!

Lastly, is the KD Classic Breakfast. This comes with eggs, toast, pan fries (like with the Supreme Omelet), and your choice of Ham (Unusually good here!), Sausage, or Bacon. If you’re going to come here, this is probably a safe bet.


-Huge portions

-Reasonable Prices

-Attentive Service (they always come by to refill your coffee/water/beverage)

-Open 24 Hours


-Brunch Buffet is ridiculously priced (it’s the same price as a Vegas buffet!)

-Really run down appearance

-Don’t get me started about the washroom…

Closing Comments: Like a door back in time, Knight and Day has a retro feel to it for those that went here during its hayday. If you’re going to eat here, stick to the breakfasts or basic sandwiches; don’t get adventurous, you’ll be disappointed. Avoid the brunch buffet too, it’s overpriced and quality is lacking.

Overall Rating: 3.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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