Say Cheese! (if you want some on that bagel…)

If you’ve ever had your graduation pictures taken at Artona, or spent the day at that large shopping complex next store (the one consisting of Best Buy, Canadian Tire, etc.), then you’ve probably seen Solly’s Bagels. As mentioned on their giant bagel shaped sign, they sell bagels, soup and sandwich affairs, and other specialty Jewish baked goods.

On this brisk autumn occasion, I decided to warm myself up with a cup of hot chocolate (I know, not very adventurous…) and a small sample of their edibles!

That’s one pretty hot chocolate!

It’s like the ones found in Chinese bakeries, except make with an actual wiener 

Can never go to a bakery/coffee shop without sampling their cinnamon bun!


-Pretty close to Artona if you happen to need a drink or something to snack on, or are shopping at that mega complex

-Nice designs on their drinks

-The wiener bun , as I like to call it, had a really nice taste


-Kind of expensive (especially when it comes to the sandwich and soup combos, it gets really expensive really quickly)

-Cinnamon bun was pretty “bleh”

Closing Comment: Not something I’d go all the way downtown for, but if you’re in the area, why not give it a shot!

Overall Rating: 4 PBJ’s out of a possible 5 (If I ACTUALLY tried their bagels, maybe I’d give it higher lol)

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