Breakfast at Kihei’s

If you find yourself, like many other tourists, staying in one of the numerous condos bordering Kihei Road, you’ll most likely have passed a little joint known as Kihei Cafe. Although pretty much a tourist trap, the food isn’t too shabby! With a vast selection of breakfast classics, such as French Toast, to more local favourites, like Loco Moco, Kihei Cafe is a great way to satisfy any early morning cravings you may have. One of the main qualms I have about this place, however, is that since they have a patio outside, the natural bird life is drawn to leftover food that either hasn’t been cleaned up yet, or has been thrown to them; hygiene is a bit questionable…

(Corn Beef Hash with Potatoes and a Biscuit)


(Loco Moco [White Rice/Fried Rice with scrambled egg, a burger patty, and gravy])


(Huevos Rancheros [eggs, cheese, refried beans, salsa, jalapeno])


(Veggie Scramble)


(French Toast [Made with Maui Sweet Bread instead..with an oh so yummy coconut syrup])


(Papaya Delight) [I like their odd use of bowls]


(Two Eggs, Bacon, Home Fries, and Biscuit)


(Breakfast Burrito)



-Large portions

-Open early (5 AM)

-Corned Beef Hash and Papaya Delight were delicious!


-Some dishes unnecessarily greasy

-Unhygienic at times with all the birds, but what can you do, it’s outside

-Tourist Trap

Closing comments: If you’re going to try out Kihei Cafe, and MUST get the Loco Moco, get it with Pork Fried Rice instead of white rice (it’s really bland otherwise!)

Overall Rating: 4.5 PBJ’s out of a possible 5

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