SoftRocker: I’m a 20-something year old Criminology student that’s aspiring to find the perfect balance between price and experience. I strongly believe that you shouldn’t have to burn a hole through your wallet to be able to enjoy a tasty, filling meal and have a great time along with it! As such, I’m joined by my guest food adventurers on the quest for foodie frugality!  My top 3 cuisines are Middle Eastern, Indian, and Vietnamese. My favourite dish of all time has to be Chicken Shawarma!!

Words of Wisdom: Seriously, some of the most AMAZING food adventures that I’ve had come from the most divey looking places; don’t judge a book by its cover!


Principal Food Adventure Guests:


Zeeg: Along with Easilyfull, Zeeg has been a close partner of the blog since its inception. Thanks to her parents’ impeccable taste for great Chinese food, she’s been a great source of amazing hole in the wall places! To boot, she’s also very on top of new and emerging joints, as well as hidden gems, that demand a visit. Despite not being super well versed in other cuisines besides Chinese, she’s willing to try new things. Her favourite dish includes anything that either involves Chicken, Chick Peas/Humus, or is of GREAT value.

Words of Wisdom: Most problems in life can be solved by simply going with the flow and tackling problems as they come (not fretting and panicking about it)



Easilyfull: She’s been a partner of this blog since its earlier days. Although not incredibly picky,she doesn’t care much for bars/drinking establishments, though she does care if a place is too cheap (gotta make it rain!!!). I’m just kidding about that (don’t kill me Easilyfull). Although she isn’t that well experienced in different cuisines, she’s up to trying new things (Indian food is on the checklist!). Her favourite dish is Penne with Chicken.

Words of Wisdom: If you want a food blog to be successful, use an ACTUAL camera and stop talking about the washroom…who cares.

Delectables with Mello: Richmond Public Market (Captain Wa & Lee Chong Asian Foods)

Usually, when a place is as divey and cheap as this, the food is either GODLY or it belongs in the pigs’ trough out back. This time around…it sorta hit a middle ground. Mello joined me again for another journey into cheap eats.

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Smokehouse Sandwich Co.

Tucked away FAR from Golden Village lies the Smokehouse Sandwich Company. It’s a trendy little family owned joint that you’d expect to see on Main St. but has instead decided to brave the foodie elements and settle in Richmond instead! The first thing you’ll notice when you step in: the mason jar lights lol. Almost EVERYTHING hipster place I’ve been to has these things…as well as having hardwood tables and mismatched chairs. But whatevs, onto the goodies!

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Delectables with Mello: Falafel Maison

Always in search of cheap eats, I decided to venture to Falafel Maison today, dragging along newcomer Mello on my quest for eternal frugality. While waiting to decide what to eat, a lot of regulars came in and joked around with the owner, good sign already.

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Lai Taste

I’m always looking for a quality joint that can satisfy not only my insatiable hunger but my wallet as well; I strongly believe you don’t have to burn a hole through your wallet for a good meal! Since I’ve a severe lack of restaurant reviews in Richmond still, I braved Parker Place’s food court for some cheap eats. Drawn in by their images of Banh Mi, I went to Lai Taste, where I was immediately greeted by smiles from their employees (off to a good start)


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Homegrown Music: The Gay Nineties

They’re an upcoming band already with a single playing continuously on the Peak 102.7. Although their name, according to their site, was based off the craziness of the 1890’s, I’ve found their song, Letterman, DEFINITELY has a bit of a 90’s feel to it…maybe Foo Fighters? I’m not 100% sure, have a listen for yourself!

Website: http://www.thegaynineties.ca/

Skookum Eats with Lil’ L: Soho Tea Room

The whole Cambie/Broadway area has a REALLY nice feel about it…and no not because it’s a wealthier area. There’s just something about the people and place that’s oddly calming…like you don’t feel as if snooty people abound…just really laid back locals. Soho Tea Room is a Taiwanese joint located up the hill a bit that is a pretty comfortable late night hangout spot! The service was fairly attentive as they were constantly checking up on us.


(Photo credits to Lil’ L. For some reason, was having a GREAT deal of difficulty snapping a shot of this properly…)

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Tokyo Joe’s (Downtown)

I read some pretty CRAZY rave reviews about this place about how they just load up on lunch bento boxes, yet at the same time…there was also quite a number of people claiming they got food poisoning. Mm…sometimes it’s so tormenting inside to choose between sheer quantity. Anyways, to finally settle the score of good vs evil, I braved what could have been a date with disaster.

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Einstein Falaffel and Wrap

When you’ve got a serious hankering for the munchies, very little will be able to get in the way of your carnivorous (or herbivorous if vegetarian) rampage.Lured in by the distinct smell of Shawarma, I found myself within the welcoming confines of Einstein Wrap House. The owner is VERY friendly, even when it was packed, and greeted everybody that came in! Off to a good start. Unfortunately, due to the lunch rush, he kept running out of Chicken Shawarma, which I wanted to get a platter of, so I got a mixed platter instead.

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What is Community Policing?

More times than I can count, I’ve been asked, “What is community policing?”. So, here’s a post dedicated solely to explaining what it is!

There’s pretty much 2 ways to think of how to deal with crime:

1. Have officers randomly patrol streets, react to crimes when they occur, and rapidly respond to issues as they arise (this is what most people think policing is)

2. Partner up with the community, use of problem solving techniques, and proactively dealing with crime (more aligned to what community policing is)


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